The Mill House

Written on August 1st, 2010 by Kat. Filed under Pub

The Mill House, Broughton, ChesterLocated on the Broughton retail park, this is without doubt a family place. We went on a Sunday afternoon for a quick Sunday lunch. Upon arrival we were instantly greeted by a welcoming guy who sat us on a reasonable table and explained the menu pricing to us.

The first thing we noticed was how cheap it was if you went with one of their ‘2 for £10′ offers. We both ordered a Sunday lunch, which individually was £9.25, but for two it was only £10. There is the option to go large for an additional £1, which we’d definitely recommend doing.

We got the food quite quickly. I had the beef, and Kat had the chicken. We both had some of both and both think the chicken was by far the best, you also got a lot more meat for your money. The portions were generous and neither of us managed to finish it all.

Although this wasn’t exactly gourmet cuisine, it was tasty and better than I’d expect for £5 a meal. The rest of the staff seemed quite friendly and genuinely interested in serving you and making sure your experience is a good one, which I find is quite rare, especially at a family pub environment.

For desert I had hot chocolate fudge cake, which was amazing. Kat had the treacle sponge pudding, which she said was lovely – it was also extremely hot inside, so don’t just eat it straight away if you order it.

Because it’s a family pub, and because it was a Sunday afternoon, the place was full of kids; some more well behaved than others. If you’re after a quiet meal, then don’t go to The Mill House, as it’s just not going to happen outside of school hours. That being said, it didn’t stop us having a nice meal.

We’ll definitely be going here again, even if it’s just for a spontaneous meal when neither of us can be bothered cooking. The food is ok, the prices are very reasonable, and they have TV’s for showing the football.

The Mill House Rating
Lots of it, and it does the job
Seated quickly, served well and even a bit of chat at the bar
A bit too uncontrolled, but a welcoming atmosphere none the less
Value for money
Very good value for money
A great spontaneous spot for pub grub

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