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Piccolino ChesterA couple of Mike’s relatives were visiting from the States so Mike’s family and the two of us went to Piccolino on a Saturday evening.  Mike and I got there early so we waited at the bar and had a drink which gave us a chance to have a look around the place:  great atmosphere, lots of busy tables, clean and welcoming.  The drinks were reasonably priced and we sat entertained for a good few minutes spying on quite an intricate cocktail being made at the bar ( a sieve was used and everything).

We ordered two portions of garlic bread with cheese to start – it is the pizza garlic bread which I personally think is so much nicer than the normal chunky garlic bread, but anyway it was yummy! 

I had the ‘troffiette’ for my main meal with was chicken pasta in a creamy sauce with vegetables – sound quite boring but I wouldn’t shut up about how great it was.  I would definitely recommend it. Everyone else seemed really happy with their meals too except for Mike who had the ‘tagliatelle alla bolognese’ which he said was quite bland and boring.  Surely an Italian restaurant should make the best spag bol?!

The service at Piccolino was good, we got our food in reasonable time and everyone was friendly enough.  I suppose you could deem the food to be a little overpriced (both mine and Mike’s meals were around £10 each) but in my opinion atleast for what I had, it is absolutely worth it.  Portion size was good too, we were all so stuffed by the end that nobody had dessert.

I would absolutely return to Piccolino although I don’t think it will be that easy trying to get Mike through the door again.

Piccolino Rating
Gorgeous food
Friendly staff, food arrived in good time, all the staff we spoke to were Italian
Friendly and busy atmosphere
Value for money
Reasonable prices
Good food, lovely place, would love to go again

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